Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 5, No 2 (2015)

Psychological Mechanisms of Regulation of the Students’ Social Behavior in a Multicultural Society

Antonina Gavlitskaya


The article deals with some approaches of empathy and reflection actualization as mechanism of social person behavior regulation based on the analysis of multi-ethnic membership of the Ukrainian Danube region and on the results of the aim at experimental investigation tolerance. From the viewpoint of understanding a personality as mechanism of interactive and communicative subject the phenomenon of “social identity of the person” is analyzed in the article where multicultural society is the context. The article proves the importance of such psychological mechanisms as empathy and reflection in connection with understanding of way how modern student personality is identified in multicultural society just the Ukrainian Danube region. The tendency to cooperation as important social psychological kind of the student personality is analyzed through the lenses of processes in which international evaluation is developed. These are the processes as interiorisation, social comparison, self-attribution and sense interpretation of life experience. It is concluded that cooperation and communication are the most important ways of the students’ co-authorship, cooperation and community development under multicultural society.


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