Vol 5, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Danubian Europe

EU Danube Economies vs the Trap of Europe 2020 Strategy PDF HTML
Victor Romeo Ionescu

The European Construction - from Communities to a Genuine Supranational Union PDF HTML
Andrei Calapod, Ani Matei

Formation of the Ukrainian-Moldovan-Romanian Euroregion “Lower Danube” PDF HTML
Antonina Dorosheva

The Territorial Structure of the Population of Ukrainian Danube PDF HTML
Victoriya Yavorskaya, Vyacheslav Todorov

Culture-Bound Words of the Danube Basin Countries: Translation into English PDF HTML
Olena Chetverikova

The Romanian Question at the Final Stage of the Eastern Crisis 1875-1878 PDF HTML
Victor Drozdov

Participation of the Danube Region Nobility in the Financial Sphere of the Region (the second half of XIX - early XX centuries) PDF HTML
Alexander Mihailov

The “Danube” Factor of Social and Political Modernization of the Russian Empire (XIX - early XX cen.) PDF HTML
Irina Verkhovtseva

The Ethno-Linguistic Geography of the Gagauz People in the Danube Basin PDF Untitled
Valentina Shevchuk

The Horizon of Interculturality

Education-Game Planning of Primary School Children as a Means of Intercultural Competence and European Identity PDF HTML
Viktoria Manita

Determination as a Component of Dialect Texts in Ukrainian Dialects of Danube Region PDF HTML
Irina Tsyganok

Ovid’s Poetry of Romanian Period in Terms of the Reflection of Ethno-psychological Peculiarities of the North-Western and Eastern Black Sea Region PDF HTML
Olga Kudinova

The Typology of the Ukrainian Dialects Spread between the Danube and the Dniester Rivers PDF HTML
Andrij Kolesnykov

Traditional Cultures in the Multiethnic Danube Region: Specifics of the Development PDF HTML
Ada Dizanova

The Orthodox Clergy of Romania in the Second Half of the ХІХ Century (on the Materials of «The Kishinev Diocesan Registry») PDF HTML
Vera Tserkovnaya

Psychological Mechanisms of Regulation of the Students’ Social Behavior in a Multicultural Society PDF HTML
Antonina Gavlitskaya

Danubian Leisure

The Legends of the Serpent Island in the Danube Delta PDF HTML
Tetyana Shevchuk

Investigation of Science Fiction in the Danube Basin Countries PDF HTML
Galina Oleinikova

Theoretical Aspects of the Artistic Cognition of Nature Ukrainian Danube Region PDF HTML
Ivan Pastyr

Ukrainian and European Baroque in the Context of “Sister Arts” Idea PDF HTML
Olga Shikirinskaya

Features of Aestheticism in Literary Heritage of Mikhail Kuzmin PDF HTML
Elena Kolmykova

Modern Poets of the Southern Bassarabia PDF HTML
Alexander Viger

The Water Symbolism in the Poem “Memento Mori” by Eminescu PDF HTML
Elena Golovanova

Danube's Academy

Social Media Interactions and Online Games - Building up New Human Relationships in Danube Region PDF HTML
Predrag K Nikolić

Student-Centered European Education System as a Factor of Professional Competence of a Future Teacher's Personality PDF HTML
Ivan Boychev

Methodological Principles of Investigating Semantic Structure of Ukrainian Axionomens of the Danube Region PDF HTML
Tetyana Soroka

The Awareness of Younger Schoolboys its European Identity – a Priority of Local Lore and Educational Work of the Teacher PDF HTML
Nadezhda Kichuk

Training of Prospective Managers by Educational Institutions for Strategic Planning at the Stage of Studying for a Master’s Degree PDF HTML
Tamara R Gumennikova

The Paradigm of the Formation of Art and Ecological Culture of the Teacher PDF HTML
Yuliya Sych, Ivan Pastyr, Alla Dobreva

Determinants of Consumers’ Pro-Environmental Behavior – Toward an Integrated Model PDF HTML
Octav-Ionuţ Macovei

Drawing from Memory and Imagination (in Visual Art Programs of Ismail State University) PDF HTML
Alexander Kara