Vol 2, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

River Legislation

International Liability Peculiarities in Environmental Law PDF
Vasilica Negrut

Improving the Legal System Regime Specific to Biosphere Reservation of Danube Delta achieved by the Law no. 136 of July 5, 2011 PDF
Tache Bocaniala, Petu Paraschiv

Romania’s Participation to the Conclusion of the Convention on the Final Status of the Danube PDF
Constantin Tănase

Aspects of Improving the Legislation of the Republic of Moldova in the Context of Eurointegration PDF
Elena Botnari

Constitutional Justice – The European Model PDF
Maria Ureche

The Right to Private Property and Limitations for the Purpose of Public Interest PDF
Adriana Pascan

The Protection of Waters against Pollution Caused by Ships in the Light of the Criminal Law in the European Union PDF
Ion Rusu

The Criminal Liability of a Republic’s President PDF
Crina Mihaela Verga

The Operating Principles of Public Service PDF
Maria Orlov, Vlad Cantir

The Human Rights and the Social Protection of Vulnerable Individuals PDF
Cătălina Mititelu

Considerations on the Limitation of the Right to Property PDF
Adriana Pascan

The Rights of the Persons who Lost their Autonomy and their Social Protection PDF
Nicolae V Dură

The Role of Digital Certificates in EGoverning. The Case of the Romanian Regulation and Surveillance Authority PDF
Andra Marin

The Danube Commission PDF
Marian Socianu

Maritime Safety and Prevention of Pollution Caused by Ships in the European Union PDF
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu, Nicolae Pircalabescu

Danubian Economy

Improving the Performance of Enterprises from Danube Riveran Countries, through the Implementation of a Quality Management System PDF
Irina Todos

E-Marketing and Its Impact on Economic Development in the Neighboring Countries PDF
Svetlana Birlea

Ways to Stimulate and Promote Innovation in Entrepreneurship in the Coastal Area PDF
Liudmila Rosca-Sadurschi