Vol 9, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents

Danubian Economy and Legislation

Matrimonial Property Agreement – Importance and Role in Current Society PDF
Liliana Niculescu

Hydro Energy Is Really a "Clean" Energy? Ecological Problems Generated by Hydropower Plants PDF HTML
Leonard Magdalin Dorobăț, Anca Turtureanu, Codruța Mihaela Dobrescu

The Necessity to Expand the Surface of Protected Areas in Romania PDF HTML
Codruța Mihaela Dobrescu, Anca Turtureanu, Leonard Magdalin Dorobăț

Romania, a Factor of Macro-Regional Cohesion in the Danube Region, from the Perspective of Combating Organized Crime and Serious Crimes PDF HTML
Angela-Mihaela Ene

Romania, Development and European Integration in the Context of the Implementation of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region PDF HTML
Angela-Mihaela Ene

Plastics in the Circular Economy PDF HTML
Elena-Loredana Pîrvu

Investigation in Criminal Prosecution of Burglary PDF HTML
Alexandru Drăgănescu

The Administrative Code of the Republic of Moldova: Expectations and Reality PDF HTML
Natalia Saitarli

Marketing Substantiation of Measures on Innovative Development of the City of Izmail PDF HTML
Olena Yakovenko, Iryna Ivanenko

Internal Audit and Management of Operational and Financial Risks PDF HTML
Daniel Moscu

Study regarding the perception on the personality traits in managerial decision making PDF HTML
Mihaela Rus, Tănase Tasente, Mihaela Luminita Sandu

Socio-economic System Evaluation of Ukrainian Black Sea PDF HTML
Kateryna Glubochenko, Liudmyla Nazarova, Tatiana Porudeyeva

Danube Free Zones - between Desiderata and Achievements PDF HTML
Rose-Marie Puscaciu, Viorica Puscaciu

Improving Road Infrastructure with the Support of European Funds. EUSDR - A Strategic Tool Used to Fund Projects in Galati County PDF HTML
Manuela Panaitescu

Analysis of the Distribution of the Budget Related to the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme LIOP 2014-2020 on Priority Axes PDF HTML
Aurelian Constantin, Carmen Sirbu

Navigation on the Danube River. International Historical-Legal Aspect PDF HTML
Tetyana Vdovenko

Agrobiological Basis of Alfalfa Growing for Forage and Seeds in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine PDF HTML
Stanislav Goloborodko

Organizational Culture in Academic Institutions Hofstede’s Five Dimensions PDF
Kosovare Ukshini, Besime Ziberi