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The Review of Communication Sciences Faculty within the "Danubius" University of Galati, Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio aims at popularizing, at the level of national and international academic community, the scientific research of our academic staff but also of other universities. With its special sections dedicated to communication such as: public relations, journalism and advertising, the review fulfills its mission of being a tribune of ideas of communication sciences, whose inter-and trans-disciplinary feature is well understood. Through a rigorous selection of the published articles and by including a significant number of collaborators, our publication, although at its first issues, aims at becoming a reference in the field.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Communication and Cultural Studies

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics. Case Study: Vodafone Albania PDF
Everest Haxhi, Alba Robert Dumi

Transformations of the Political Communication in Social Media Era – from Mediatization to Decentralization PDF
Tănase Tasente

The Shifting Border of Food Perceptions and Cultural Identity in Maghrebi Muslim Migrants PDF
Roberta Rosa Giovine

Revitalization of The Public Sphere: A Comparison between Habermasian and The New Public Sphere PDF
Muhammad Zubair Khan

Psychological Empowerment of the Devotees by Use of Structural Equations Modeling Case Study: All Devotees of Ilam PDF
Seidmehdi Mehdi Veiseh, Zohre Mohamadyari

Investigating of Relationship between Conflict and Trust on the Golestan Province Red Crescent Society Volunteer Groups PDF
Seidmehdi Mehdi Veiseh, Zeinab Alinajafib, Monireh Askarinejadc, Jafar Moharamid

Higher Education Globalization

Student Intelligence and Academic Achievement in Albanian Universities Case of Vlora University PDF
Ilirjan Lipi

The Curricular Area in the Romanian Education System in Moldavia before the Movement of the Forty-Eighters PDF
Marius Ioan Chindris, Ioan Dutuc

Romanian Identity

The Orthodox Church approach for the Linguistic, Religious and National Rights of Romanians in Transylvania (1800-1925) PDF
Hostiuc Gheorghe Florin

Controversies on the Publishing of the Newspaper “Curentul” PDF
Fanel Teodorascu


Domestic Violence – A Current Problem of Romanian Society PDF
Mihaela Luminiţa Sandu, Tănase Tasente, Dorina Postaru (Voinea), Gheorghe Nadoleanu

An Introduction to Effects of Islamic Teachings on Social Sciences PDF
Qodratullah Qorbani