Vol 9, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents

European and International Law

General Considerations Regarding the Restrictions, Exemptions and Limitations on the Right of Free Movement of Persons 5-13
Vasilica Negrut

The Interpretation Function of the European Judge - Basis for Preliminary Rulings 14-24
Dan Cimpoeru

Methods and Functions of Comparative Law 25-40
Blerton Sinani

Eutanasia, National and International Perspectives 41-51
Ciasc Rustin

Principles of European Family Law regarding Divorce – Special View Over the Romanian Civil Code 52-62
Monica Anca Ardeleanu

Cross-Border Cooperation in the Context of Romania’s Accession to the Treaty of Prüm 63-78
Ioana-Minodora Rusu

Public Law

Legislative Oversight Functions in Nigeria. Odyssey of Hunters becoming the Hunted 79-95
Kazeem Olusola Amusa

Mitigating Circumstances in the Current and the New Criminal Code. Comparative Examination 96-108
Ion Rusu

Reflections regarding the concept of local interest within public law 109-117
Alexandru Dana Georgeta

Forgery from the Point of View of Criminal Illicitness, Putative Deeds and Disregarding Fides Publica 118-123
Pocora Monica, Mihail Silviu Pocora

Private Law

Obligation Guarantees in the New Romanian Civil Code 124-133
Silvia Lucia Cristea

The Institution of Juridical Assistants inthe Current Romanian Legislation.The Necessity Of Reform in Accordance with Examples Offered by Comparative Law 134-143
Lavinia Onica Chipea

Compensating Victims of Personal Injury in Tort: The Nigerian Experience So Far 144-158
Oluwakemi Mary Adekile


Law and Order or Global Disorder 159-176
Bidzina Savaneli

Legal Connotations of the Trichotomy Responsibility-Liability-Accountability 177-182
Mirela Costache