Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 9, No 2 (2019)

Plastics in the Circular Economy

Elena-Loredana Pîrvu


The circular economy focuses on the issue of low use of materials.

In a circular economy, the value of products and materials is preserved for as long as possible, waste and resource use are minimised, and resources do not leave the economic flow once they have reached the end of their lifecycle, but are reused and createvalue still.The European Union has concluded that the creation of a genuine market for recycled plastics may allow it to turn plastic waste into an economic resource. Thus, the European Union declares war on all single-useplastics.The new legal acts change the development model of the European Union countries and the urge to “buy, consume and throw away” is now replaced by “buy, reuse, repair, recycle”.


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