Vol 4, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Danubian Economy and Legislation

Functional and Role Potential of Competent Law Authorities in Formation of Ukrainian Danube Region Development Strategy PDF
Yaroslav Kichuk

The Impact of Increasing the European Union's Role in the Development of the Transport on the Danube in Romania PDF
Tache Bocănială

The Constitutive Content of the Offense of not Complying with the Regime of Explosive Materials in the Romanian Criminal Law PDF
Ion Rusu

The Economic Activity of the Bulgarian Colonists in the South Bessarabia in the Mid-19th Century PDF
Andrei Mikhailovich Schewchenko

A Framework for an Organic Approach for the Analysis of Institutional Transplants in the Economic Context PDF
Dyanko Minchev, Aleksandar Kosuliev

Features estimates of crop production in fragile agriculture of the Lower Danube PDF
D. M. Parmacli

Social Responsibility as a Means for the Sustainable Development in the Lower Danube River Basin PDF
Tzveteli Gueorguiev, Marieta Krasteva

Building a Conceptual Model to Overcome the Economic Crisis in the Agricultural Sector of Atu Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova PDF
Irina Todos, Svetlana Kuraksina

The Creation and Development of Innovative Infrastructure in the Danube Countries PDF
Liudmila Rosca-Sadurschi

Green Tourism as a Factor of Sustainable Development of the Ukrainian Danube PDF
Sergey Nezdoyminov

Danube – European Geopolitical Axis PDF
Cristian Jura

Evolution Of International Governmental Organisations Concerning Danube River PDF
Cristian Jura

Customs of Galati Port at the Beginning of the 20th Century PDF
Constantin Tănase

Sales Growth Following the Quality Improvement of the Wine and Wine Products PDF
Liudmila Antohi, Maria Turtoi

The Constitutive Content of the Offense of Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Modifying or Removing Trails in the Romanian Criminal Law. Implications of the New Provisions of Legal Assistance in the European Union PDF
Minodora Ioana Balan-Rusu

The Right to Freedom of Religion in the Jurisprudence of the European Court PDF
Nicolae V. Dură, Cătălina Mititelu

The Establishment and Enforcement of Maintenance Obligations in the Relations between Divorced Parents and their Minor Children PDF
Maricica Vǎleanu

Tourism and Pollution versus Danube Legislation (Example Cazane, Romania Area) PDF
Cipriana Sava, Gheorghe Pinteala, Mircea Goloşie

Considerations Regarding Crimes Against Humanity PDF
Bogdan Birzu

Analysis of the Crime Of Genocide PDF
Bogdan Birzu

Interpretation of the Provisions on the Parental Responsability for the Actions of Minors or those under Judicial Interdiction PDF
Dorin Matei

Eco Bio Cultural Protocols for Preservation of Endangered Agro-biodiversity Areas from the Adjacent Regions of Danube and Danube Delta PDF
Iudith Ipate, Alexandru Bogdan, Nicolae Ipate, Amalia-Gianina Străteanu, Mariana Trandafir, Gabriela David, Mihai Enache, Emanuel Marinescu

New Challenges and Opportunities for Putting into Value the Diversity of the Danube Territorial Capital, as a “European Axis” in light of Bio-Resources Supply during 2030-2050, in the context of Global Demographic Projections for 2100 PDF
Alexandru Bogdan, Andy Pusca, Mariana Trandafir, Emanuel Marinescu, Amalia-Gianina Străteanu, Iudith Ipate

New Integrative, Cross-border and Transnational Approaches for a Carpatho-Danubiano-Pontic Transdisciplinary Mega Project Based on Horizon 2020 and the European Strategy for Bio-Economy 2030. Innovative Eco-bio-geo-economic Solutions and Legislative-Finan PDF
Alexandru Bogdan, Andy Pusca, Mariana Trandafir, Emanuel Marinescu, Amalia-Gianina Străteanu, Iudith Ipate