Vol 9, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

European Studies

The European crisis management: an organizational narrative PDF HTML
Patrícia Kaplánová

European Union – China Partnership and its Prospects PDF HTML
Gheorghe Onisoru

The Impact of Country Risk on the Dynamics of Foreign Direct Investments in Romania PDF HTML
Sergiu Sorcaru

The Romanian International Profile and the Trade Connections with Mercosur PDF HTML
Ionel Sergiu Pirju

History of International Relations

The Clash of Nationalisms: Croats and Serbs in Interwar Yugoslavia PDF HTML
Cristian Sandache

Security between National and International PDF HTML
Tutu Pisleag

Re-Appraising Revolution and Change in International Politics: A Case Study of America Revolution 1776, French Revolution 1789 and Russian Revolution 1917 PDF HTML
Oluwatobi Babatunde Njoaguani, Rosemary Oyinlola Popoola

New Trends that Influenced the way we view International Relations PDF HTML
Ionut-Bogdan Ionescu

Arab Spring - Concepts and Characteristics (Case of Egypt) PDF HTML
Ayman Gad El ashkar

Culture and Interculturality

«Me» Phenomenon in the Novel “Le Rapport de Brodeck” by Philippe Claudel PDF HTML
Mustafa Kol

The Psychoanalysis of the Heroine Alissa on the Path of Virtue. PDF HTML
Hülya Kol

Foreign Policy Analysis

An Overview of the Chinese Agenda: Global Sustainable Peace and Development PDF HTML
Hans Nibshan Seesaghur, Ethan Robertson

The prospects of membership in international organizations: the case of Kosovo PDF HTML
Ardian Emini, Alfred Marleku

The Crisis in the Republic of South Sudan: a Struggle for Power behind the Peace Framework
Lucian Dirdala