Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

European Construction and Political Sciences

The Integrative Role of Danube River in Central and Eastern Europe PDF
Andy Pusca, Sergiu Pirju

The Concept of Neorealism in Russian and Ukrainian Literary Criticism PDF
Lyudmila Reva

The Nobles of Moldavian Origin in the History of Bessarabia PDF
Margaryta Bashly

Investment Policies and Strategies of the Republic of Moldova PDF
Liudmila Antohi, Natalia Zarişneac

Peasant Self-Government in the Ukrainian Danube Region (End of XIX - Early XX Century.): Social and Cultural Aspects PDF
Irina Verkhovtseva

Comparative Characteristics of Technology Transfer in Developed Countries PDF
Natalia Palii

The Role of Cultural Diplomacy for Intensifying the Cross Border Cooperation within Danube Region PDF
Krasimir Koev

Danube Region Terminology and Its Translation PDF
Olena Chetverikova

Europe’s Values for the Future PDF
Raluca Mihalcioiu

Problems and Ways of Implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region for Ukraine PDF
Yaroslav Kichuk, Oleg Rubel

Teaching Europeity

Creative Realization of the Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Foreign Languages in the Experience of the Danube Basin PDF
Olga Demchenko

Harnessing the Concept of Lifelong Education to Stimulate the Motivation for Adults to Learn PDF
Nicolai Piscunov, Alexandra Piscunov

Methodical Basics of Future Philologists’ Research Culture Formation PDF
Marina Trufkina

Influence of Professional Associations on Regional Policy in Education: International Experience PDF
Svetlana Tezikova

Intersubjective Connections in the Process of Training the Future Teacher of Foreign Languages PDF
Yaroslav Chernyonkov

Future Teachers’ Training for the Organization High School Students’ to the Development of the Danube Region PDF
Natalya Gubanova

Substantial Specific Nature of Communicative Competence Development of an Educational Institution Manager in the Course of Professional Training PDF
Tamara Gumennikova

Formation of the Didactic-Cognitive Competence of the Youth as a Means of Maintenance of a Dialogue of Cultures in the Region Pridunajskyi PDF
Olena Grygorovych

About the Question of Knowledge of Psychological Mechanisms of Today's Ukrainian Danube Students’ Spirituality Formation PDF
Antonina Gavlitskaya

Private Charity Nobles Danube in Education in the XIX - Early XX Centuries PDF
Nataliya Goncharova

Europezation of Ukrainian Danube Education: The Abstract of the Bologna Initiatives PDF
Nadiya Kichuk

Modern Approaches to Professional Spoken English Interaction Teaching of Future Psychologists PDF
Yuliya Zinovyeva

Activation of Intellectual Initiative of Young People as Interdiscipline Problem PDF
Larisa Lungu

Multicultural Education in the Modern World: A Regional Vector PDF
Dora Ivanova

The Technology of Ensuring the System of the Future Philologists’ Foreign Language Strategic Competence Formation PDF
Svitlana Ryabushko

Organization of the Master Tutor in Higher Education: Methodological Support PDF
Asya Suchanu

Methodological Foundation for Preparation of Teachers-Philologists for Intercultural Communication of Schoolchildren in the Danube Region PDF
Natalia Mushynska

The Methodological Basis of the Organization of Creative Activity of the Students Philologists on Studying the Problems of the Linguistic Development of the Danube Area PDF
Helen Khromchenko

Ethnicities, Communities and Danubian Languages

Cossacks on the Danube Territories (the End of XVIII - the 20s of the XIX c.) PDF
Alexander Lebedenko

Lexical Interference in the Dialects Spoken in the Area between the Danube and Dniester Rivers PDF
Olena Daki

Attitudes and Prerequisites for the Establishment of an Integrated Cultural Identity within Romanian-Bulgarian Cross-Border Region along the Danube River PDF
Juliana Popova

Linguistic Geography of National Minorities in the Danube Basin PDF
Valentina Radkina

The Number and Resettlement of Ethnic Communities in Southern Bessarabia in the First Half of the 19th Century PDF
Snezhana Kuzmina

Matrix Representation of Ukrainian Axionomens Used in the Danube Area PDF
Tetyana Soroka

Geo-demographic Features of the Formation Process in the Danube Region of Ukraine PDF
Victoriya Yavorskaya, Vyacheslav Todorov

Cultural Enlightenment Activities of Russian Orthodox Church in Bessarabia (at the End of the XIX-th and the Beginning of the XX-th Century) PDF
Tetyana Yerich

The Influence of the Romanian Language on the Grammar of the Ukrainian South-Bessarabia Dialects PDF
Andrij Kolesnykov

Traditions of Ukrainian and Russian Ornamental Expressionism: Typological Conformity PDF
Tetyana Belobrova

Literature of Danubian Monarchy in Ukrainian Translations PDF
Maria Ivanytska

A History of the Danubian Costume in the XIXth Century PDF
Cristina Partenie

The Danubian Eros and Thanatos in Mihail Sebastian’s Work PDF
Alina Beatrice Chesca

Pedagogical Methods for Activization of Intercultural Interaction Between Young People in the Danube Region PDF
Zhanna Kozhukhar

Broadening the Literary Values Scope - Means of Communication between the Nations PDF
Ludmila Balțatu