Vol 8, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

The Financial Situation and Working Conditions of Workers and Employees of the Soviet Danube Shipping Company (1944-1954) PDF HTML
Oleksii Ilin

European Integration of Ukrainian Part of Pridunaviye PDF HTML
Tetyana Vdovenko

Liability for Environmental Damage within the Romanian Law PDF HTML
Iuliana Niculescu

Intermedial Paradigm of the First European Book for Children (“The Book for Boys and Girls” by J. Bunyan) PDF HTML
Olha Shykyrynska

Development of Cross-Border Cooperation in the «Lower Danube Euroregion» PDF HTML
Victoria Berezovska

Professional Training of the Future Teacher for the Process of Socialization of the Junior Pupils PDF HTML
Yuliya Sych

Formation of the Сoncept of Development of ATU of Border Territories (Bulgaria - Ukraine - Moldova) PDF HTML
Vyacheslav Todorov, Victoriya Yavorskaya, Victor Khomutov

Principles of Oganization of Scientific and Research Work of Students of Higher Medical Educational Institutions PDF HTML
Yulia Karpenko

Organization of Individual Work of Future Navigators in the Process of Professional and Speech Competence PDF HTML
Yievgeniya Bondarenko

Research Activity of Students as Means of Forming of Interactive Competence in Foreign Language (institutions of higher education in the Danube region) PDF HTML
Elena Sali

Multi-Cultural Pegagogical Approach to Future Teacher Training as a Factor of Formation of their European Identity PDF HTML
Ivan Boychev, Оlga Tsokur

Parliament Immunity and Building Democracy In Kosovo PDF HTML
Përparim Gruda

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

German Prison-of-War Camp No 38 (the town of Reni, 1944 – 1945) PDF HTML
Lilia Tsyganenko

Urban Space in Essays of Yuri Andrukhovych (Based on the Book “Lexicon of Intimate Cities”) PDF HTML
Tetyana Shevchenko

Spiritual Continuum of Bessarabian Artist Ivan Shishman Creativity PDF HTML
Tetyana Shevchuk

Imagology and the Problem of ELT (Basing on A.K. Tolstoy’s Verses as the Practical Material) PDF HTML
Oksana Ivanovna Yarmolovich

The Demographic Premises of the Reform of the Territorial Organization of the Local Power in the Republic of Moldova PDF HTML
Sergiu Cornea

The Song of the Danube in Literary Creations PDF HTML
Ludmila Balțatu

Dimensions of Cultural Variability among Local Communities in the Town of Ruse (1878-1920 Years) PDF HTML
Lilyana Slavianova, Rozalina Bozhilova-Kouncheva

Current Scientific Methods in European Linguistic Researches: Theoretical Justification PDF HTML
Tetiana Soroka

Aspects of the Activities of the Russian Command in the Lower Danube during the First World War PDF HTML
Ivan Tatarinov

The Role of the Danube in the Economic Life of the Budjak Population in the ХІХ century PDF HTML
Svetlana Kravchenko

Ethnic Stereotypes and Attitudes of the Students of Ukrainian Danube Region PDF HTML
Inna Mazokha

Holidays, Fests and Celebrations of the Bessarabian Region: Linguo-cultural Peculiarities PDF HTML
Olena Chetverikova

Agriculture of the Danube Region in the Discourse of Bessarabian Germans (1814/1940): Language Aspect PDF HTML
Natalia Golovina

Problems of Formation of Tolerance at Students of Higher Education Institutions in the Context of a Poly-national Region PDF HTML
Lyudmila Prokofyeva

Socio-economic Development of the Bulgarian Settlements of the Ukrainian Danube Region PDF HTML
Vyacheslav Todorov

The Preparation of Future Specialists of Socionomical Field to Projecting Professional Activity of the Odessa Region PDF HTML
Olena Bila

Romanian Borrowings in Dialects Spread Between the Danube and the Dniester Rivers PDF HTML
Maryna Delyusto

Idealization of Ukrainian’s Image of Cossack in the Works of Art PDF HTML
Olena Bukhnieva, Larisa Bankul

The Influence of Social Attitudes on the Process of Adaptation of Senior Pupils and Parents in the Family (Based on regional research) PDF HTML
Raisa Tereshchuk, Lyudmila Donoga

Bulgarian Ethnogeographic Systems of the Ukrainian Danube and Bulgaria: a Comparative Analysis PDF HTML
Alexander Topchiev, Vyacheslav Todorov

Innovative Forms of Extracurricular Activities of a Future Specialist in the Danube Region PDF HTML
Victoria Zvyekova

Discourse Research in Modern European Philological Sciences PDF HTML
Olga Kudinova

Methodological Researches for Forming the Basic Professional Competencies of the Future Teacher PDF HTML
Kristina Myntyan

Interdisciplinary Approach in Modern Linguistic Field PDF HTML
Galina Oleinikova

The Influence of the French Variations on the Norms of the Literature Language PDF HTML
Ludmila Starodedova

Communicative Features of Online Tourism Discourse PDF HTML
Tetyana Shyliaeva

Incomprehensible Sense of Orthodox Art (on the base of South of the Odessa region and Ukraine sacred painting) PDF HTML
Ivan Shishman

Theoretic and Methodological Aspects of Forming Physical Culture of the Person of Student Youth PDF HTML
Gennady Yarchuk

Legal Responsibility in Environmental Law PDF HTML
Iuliana Niculescu

The Economic Security of the Lower Danube by Implementing and Developing Cross-Border Clusters Romania – Ukraine PDF HTML
Angela-Mihaela Ene

Communicative and Speech Skills Development of the Secondary School Pupils in the Ukrainian Danube Region While Studying the Detached Parts of the Sentence PDF HTML
Svitlana Glushchuk

Artistic and Expressive Means of Art of Different Eras and Styles PDF HTML
Ivan Pastyr

The Methods to form the Future Teachers’ Analytical and Interpretative Writing (in universities of Izmail and Odessa) PDF HTML
Marianna Kniazian

Bessarabian Bulgarians in the National Union of Artists of Ukraine PDF HTML
Alexander Kara

Intermedial Basis of Novels by J. Tolkien and Nick Perumov PDF HTML
Оleg Manakhov

German Language as a one of the Languages of the Danube Region: Translation Aspect PDF HTML
Oleksandr Bilous

The Ukrainian Southern Bessarabia Dialects of Artsyz District Odessa Region PDF HTML
Andrij Kolesnykov

A Cross-Cultural Perspective on the Education Systems in Bulgaria and Hungary PDF HTML
Hristina Sokolova

Intercultural Training in Business and Education: the Case of the Danube Region PDF HTML
Miglena Pencheva, Hristina Sokolova

Collective Mass Behaviour and Spontaneous Protests PDF HTML
Tutu Pisleag, Daniela Aurelia Tanase Popa

Estudentiana (Students and MA students)

The Offense of Homicide by Request of the Victim: Disguised Crime vs Salvation PDF HTML
Geanina Bounegru